Sheen hires Israeli veterans as minders after fan breaks into his home

London: Charlie Sheen has hired round the clock security after a fan broke into his mansion.

The actor has added a team of Israeli veterans to his entourage, to protect him and girlfriend Natalie Kenly, reports a daily.

The move comes a day after a 26-year-old managed to scale a fence into Sheen``s back garden, walking up to him and his team as they relaxed by the pool.

David Pack, from Kansas City, Kansas, was arrested on suspicion of trespassing around an hour after police left Sheen`s home after dramatically raiding it in a search for weapons.

Pack was initially detained by one of Sheen`s security guards, who made a citizen`s arrest.

According to Radar, when asked who he was with, Pack answered: “I`m with Charlie.”

The website reported that Sheen acted first thing the next morning to find round the clock security.

Speaking about the incident, one of Sheen`s friends told a U.S. blog: “It shook everyone up.”

It is not known how Pack managed to break into the grounds of Sheen`s mansion and the highly secure Mulholland Estates.



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