Sheen to organize fundraiser for tornado survivors

London: Actor Charlie Sheen is said to organise a fundraiser for survivors of the tornadoes that struck Alabama last week.

"We`re just going to ask them to drop everything and get down here. I`m hopeful that I can do whatever I can to lend support, compassion and hope," quoted Sheen as saying.

He added: "I wanted to see it for myself. I`m here to bring the focus of the world down. I`m on a bit of a recon mission and then we`re going to plan a fundraiser and come back in full force."

The 45-year-old paid a visit to Tuscaloosa, where at least 200 people died last week after the area was struck by a number of twisters, and he now plans to organise either a baseball game or "multimedia show" with celebrity pals to raise money for those affected by the natural disasters.