Shia LaBeouf says money gave him his father back

London: Hollywood hunk Shia LaBeouf has revealed that he took to acting aged just 12 because he wanted to earn cash to help repair a fragmented family wrecked by his drug-dealing father.

"I used to blame money for ripping my family apart. It’s probably the reason I started working so quick. I wanted my family back," the Sun quoted Shia as saying.

The star, who plays trader Gordon Gekko`s new apprentice in the forthcoming sequel to Wall Street, grew up in a chaotic household where money was scarce.

"My father was never around because he was selling drugs to keep us alive. And my mother was never around, because she was selling brochures in the park to keep us alive,” he added.

"They never had time for each other, and they fell out. It ruined my life for a long time. I am not the first one to go through it, but I blamed myself for it. But they were just not meant to be. And that’s OK too. I love them both and they are both friends," the 24-year-old unfolded the pages from his past.

Money and his dad came back into Shia`s life after the young star took up acting in 1998.

"I rented my dad back into my life. This business gave me my father. Money gave me my father. If I had no money and no way to supplement my father’s income so he could survive, I would have no father," the ‘Indiana Jones’ star signs off.


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