Shocking revelation on MJ’s health at the trial stuns jurors

London: Jurors in Dr Conrad Murray’s trial were told that Michael Jackson ‘took hours to urinate’ and had such bad toenail fungus that doctors thought his flesh was rotting.

Listing Jackson’s health problems, Murray said the star had been covered in injection scars and had been stick-thin because he did not eat or drink, the Daily Mail reported.

His body had been so wasted that the ambulance crew had thought he was a hospice patient, the jury heard as they again saw a photo of the singer’s dead body.

Murray, who has denied involuntary manslaughter, also revealed that Jackson used ‘excessive cologne’ and Benoquin, a cream that bleaches the skin.

The doctor said he suspected Jackson suffered from phlebitis, a condition associated with the formation of bloodclots, usually in the deep veins of the legs.

He claimed the star’s eyesight was so bad that he could have been ‘legally blind’ and said he removed calluses and a fungal infection on the entertainer’s feet that made it painful for him to dance.

Jackson had also been prescribed Flomax, which shrinks the prostate, to help him urinate more easily.


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