Show up and vote, Nelly Furtado tells youth

London: Pop star Nelly Furtado is urging young Canadians to take part in the upcoming general elections.

The 32-year-old spent years ignoring politics and admits she used a number of excuses before finally getting involved and casting her ballot.

In a video posted on, Furtado said: "I`m a dummy, I used to not vote. I used to be out of the loop and feel detached from politics, like, `Yeah, I`m Canadian but it`s boring, I don`t know what to do, I don`t know anything - I`d rather not vote! I don`t know who to vote for? Everybody sucks, what`s the point? Voting`s lame. I`m too busy`.

"I`m over that now because I started to vote a few years ago and it feels amazing. I love voting because it makes me feel like a real citizen of this great country we call Canada," quoted her as saying.

"The youth across Canada are getting so excited about voting and that`s amazing... Show up and vote because it`s fun. It`s actually a thrill, a rush. I`m gonna be there, it`s gonna be a party! You`re voting for you, you`re voting for the youth, our demographic. Politicians cater to their audience so let`s become a part of that audience," she added.

Canada`s 2011 general election will be held on May 2.