Shruti Haasan might write for films

Mumbai: Actress Shruti Haasan enjoys acting but, unlike her father Kamal Haasan, she isn`t too keen on film direction. However, writing for films is something she won`t mind in future.

"Everyone says, `I want to become director`. It is easy to be a director, but it is very difficult to be a good director. I haven`t thought about it. I like writing though. That is something I enjoy the most. I have plans, but let`s see," Shruti said.

Asked if she would like to write for films or get into scripting some day, she said: "Maybe I will write for films. Right now I have too much on my plate."

Shruti, 27, doesn`t even have any plans to share her life with someone as of now, and she likes her independence.

"I haven`t really thought about settling down. I am personally living alone. Living in is a big question you know. My mother (Sarika) lives two to three streets away from me. I am living alone for many years now.

"I am independent, I have lived in the US alone, I like my apartment, my bedroom, my kitchen. So living in is no question. I can`t imagine letting someone in it right now."