Simi Garewal launches own website as a bridge with fans

Updated: Oct 17, 2012, 16:14 PM IST

New Delhi: After guarding her personal life for years, Simi Garewal decided to share it with fans through her personal website launched on her 64th birthday Wedenesday. She calls it a bridge between her and her fans and feels that people will "get an insight into my personal life - and me personally".

"All my life I have been a very private person. I have stayed out of the gossip columns and tabloids, because I love my privacy. But I realised, because of that I seem to have built invisible walls around me," she said in statement.

"I believe, for the first time, people will get an insight into my personal life - and me personally," she added.

She has launched a well-stocked personal site and promises to update it regularly.

The website gives people an insight into the actress` family, cinema, TV shows, style, thoughts and even about her love and married life.

"It wasn`t easy finding all the photographs required for the site. Writing reams of material - each word has been written by me - so it`s extremely personal," Simi said in a statement.

She has spent four months working on the website, and has included old photographs, videos and anecdotes to make it personal.

"Luckily, I`ve always kept a detailed diary that recorded every conversation all through my life - so it really came in handy now. I`ve also put together the designs and music. This site will have full episodes of all my TV shows in high definition quality. Surfers can also read my experiences of working in my favourite films," she said.

The website also gives an account of her encounters with icons like late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, Bollywood showman Raj Kapoor and Oscar winning director Satyajit Ray, as well as her personal comments on the guests who graced her chat show "Rendezvous".

There was a specific motive behind launching such a portal, says Simi, who charmed audiences with her elegance in movies like "Mera Naam Joker" and "Karz".

"Over the years I have received wonderful messages and a great deal of affection from my loyal fans, which has really touched me. So, I thought, why keep these walls that separate us? Why not build bridges instead - so I can reach out to them - and they to me?" she said.

"My site is going to continue to grow. I will constantly update and add to it. And I hope it will become interactive soon," she added.