Simon Cowell hits back at Sir Elton John

London: Simon Cowell has hit back at Sir Elton John’s criticisms of his talent shows, by accusing the singer of doing nothing to nurture young talent.

The music mogul launched into a tirade against the pop legend during a frank interview with Piers Morgan, reports the Daily Star.

He reacted angrily during Piers’ CNN talk show when told that the Your Song star claimed it was hard for young acts to get breaks when the charts were dominated by acts from Cowell’s talent shows like Leona Lewis, 25, and Susan Boyle, 49.

Morgan, 45, had said: “Elton John gave you a bit of a whack the other day.

“He was saying that it was very hard for anything outside of mainstream music to get a hit record now.”

But Cowell, 51, angrily hit back saying: “This is somebody who charges what? A million dollars a private gig? Two million dollars, you know?

“I don’t know whether he’s concerned about himself but they always bleat on that we’re not giving other people a chance.

“And I always want to say to them I tell you what, you just made a million dollars off your last private gig.

“Go and give it to a bunch of young musicians you care about, put them in the studio.

“Go and nurture them. Go and spend some time looking after them. Then I’ll buy your argument.

They – they’re only worried about themselves,” he added.


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