Simon Cowell’s shows are ‘dangerous’ and ‘cruel’, says Annie Lennox

London: Oscar-winning singer Annie Lennox has blasted Simon Cowell`s TV talent shows - labeling the contests ‘dangerous’ and ‘cruel’.

The Eurhythmics star claims she would never like to be a part of the judging panel of shows such as ‘American Idol’ or Britain`s ‘The X Factor’ because of the devastating effect rejection can have on upcoming singers.

"I think those types of shows are dangerous and cruel - they`ll have a long-lasting effect on how people look at music,” the Daily Star quoted her as telling Britain`s Daily Mail.

"I understand their appeal, but there`s no chance I`d ever be a judge. You have a panel of people basically giving you the thumbs up or down, and there`s so much more to music than that," she added.