Singer Swift once dreamt of being financial advisor

London: Singer Taylor Swift wanted to be a stock broker before venturing into music.

"Ever since I was a little kid... my dad has been telling me to save my money or invest in utilities... `cause my dad is a stock broker. And he lives and breathes it. My dad is so passionate about what he does, like in the way that I`m passionate about music...," quoted Swift as saying.

"So I didn`t know what a stock broker was when I was eight but I would just tell everybody that`s what I was going to be. We`d be at, like, the first day of school and they`re (the teachers were) like, `So what do you guys want to be when you grow up?` And everybody`s like, `I want to be an astronaut.` Or like, `I want to be a ballerina.` And I`m like, `I`m gonna be a financial advisor.` I don`t know... I just saw how happy it made him and I just thought, like, `I can broke stocks.`"