Single Sean Penn to devote more time to charity work

Updated: Jun 05, 2010, 18:00 PM IST

London: ‘Milk’ star Sean Penn has revealed that now that he is single he can devote more of his time to charity work.

Penn, 49, who separated from his wife of 13 years, Robin Wright, last year, has been busy with charity work since the breakdown, and he has been instrumental in supporting aid efforts in Haiti.

The actor admits that being married and having kids did not leave him with much time for charity work.

“I wanted to give back something more to help struggling people, but I didn’t know how best do it. I was for 20 years in a relationship with Robin and 18 years with children,” the Daily Express quoted him as telling Vanity Fair.

“I didn’t have time to commit to anything - for real - in places like Iraq, except to denounce the war. But now I’m single. I can lend a hand,” he added.