Snooki would end war if she were president for a day

Washington: ‘Jersey Shore’ Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi has revealed that she would bring an end to the war if she were made president for a day.

Snooki, 23, who was at the Washington Auto Show, gave the answer when she was asked what she would do if she were president for a day.

“I’d probably stop the war, and that’s serious. I’m not trying to be a beauty pageant girl, but war is not cool at all,” the Politico quoted her as saying.

Snooki also said that Sen. John McCain is still the only politician she has contacted (the two shared a brief interchange over proposed taxes on tanning beds last July.

“I really only talked to John McCain, and that’s because I mentioned him on my show. How, you know, he probably wouldn’t do tan taxing because, he’s pale,” she stated.


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