Sofia Hayat ready to take on Katrina Kaif!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: British-Indian actor Sofia Hayat believes that she is more talented than Katrina Kaif.

Sofia, who made news with her debut in ‘Diary of a Butterfly’ in which she featured in a scene wearing a skimpy bikini, is the classic case of sour grapes it seems.

She said to a daily, “I am a trained actor with a degree in acting and dance. How many actors in India have that? I have come here with six years` acting experience.”

Hayat has been in Mumbai for quiet sometime now and she already has three projects under her belt. She is confident she knows her "work well", unlike other Indian actors. "If Katrina Kaif, who has no talent, can make it big, then watch out India, here comes Sofia. I`ve watched her (Katrina) perform live to ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ and she was expressionless. She was like, `How much am I getting paid to do this show?` claimed Sofia.

There has been a buzz that she hails from Pakistan. On being asked, she clarified to a tabloid, “Both my parents are Indian, while my great grandfather was Persian. I don`t know how these reports came out wrong.”

The actress feels she is highly talented and not just after money, “Believe me, I have made big money in England. I have written a book and I have starred in a BBC series as well. I am a successful actor and I am here only to do meaningful cinema,” she said.

To outdo her image of a sex siren clad in a skimpy bikini she has recently done a photo shoot. She explains, "It`s my first bikini scene ever in my six-year-long career. And I know it`s quite hot on the web, what with people comparing me to other Bollywood stars in a bikini. I worked hard for it as I am not naturally thin. I lost three kgs and my picture has not been photoshopped. I am very pleased with the result and it`s my body you see in those pictures. I know for sure that Minissha Lamba`s picture has been photoshopped from head to toe.”

However her bikini scene did earn her a lot of fans. She chuckles, “I have no qualms about doing bikini scenes. After all, I am an artiste and an artiste`s job is to entertain.”

Sofia is here to make a career in Bollywood but she has a few things to say about what her experience in India has been so far. She says, “The Indian film industry is way different from the one in UK. There, the focus is not so much on what you look like but on your talent. Here, Bollywood demands one to be glamorous as well.”

On being asked if she has many friends in the industry yet she laughs, “I think Indian actors are a little stuck-up. They are very pretentious,” reports a daily.

Well, we wish you luck with you endeavors Sofia, Bollywood has seen many like you, let’s hope u manage to stay!

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