Sofia Vergara happy to use looks for work

London: `Modern Family` star Sofia Vergara takes advantage of her looks and isn`t in a rush to prove herself in any other way.

The 40-year-old brunette beauty, who is best known for her feisty character Gloria in the hit sit-com, says her stunning appearance has helped her get roles.

While she would be interested in taking on a more challenging part, she is happy doing what she`s good at in the meantime, reported OK magazine.

"Well, I`ve always taken advantage of my looks, for sure. I`ve never been shy about it or apologised about it. I love it. If they need a sexy woman, I don`t care - I`m not dying to prove anything else.

"It`s like I would love to do something a little bit more dramatic and maybe like a sick patient or like a crazy hooker or something like that! But I`m happy playing characters that are portrayed sexy because I am who I am and take advantage of it," she added.