Sohail Khan car accident case: Father Salim breaks his silence

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: This Khan family of Bollywood is known for being a cohesive unit and its members have always stood by each other through thick and thin. They have been subject to severe controversies in the past and are now in the news for the death of a 70 year old destitute. And the head of the parivar, Salim (father of Salman, Arbaaz and Sohail) has broken his silence on the whole event.

Apparently, Chandan Bala, the woman who was crushed to death by Sohail Khan’s car was known to the Khan family. Salim’s wife Salma would often help the homeless with money.

Salim is of the opinion that the media is blowing things out of proportion and not being just in their approach. Though the family has promised to take care of Chandra Bala’s last rights expenses, they feel they are being targeted because of their celebrity status.

Talking to a leading daily, Salim said, “It was an accident and I don`t understand why the media is raising speculation. They need to be fair and objective in their jobs. Recently, three young boys aged between 17-20, died at Juhu beach, why isn`t the media focusing on them today? Unka koi zikr nahi hai.... Why are they highlighting this story so much?”

The Khan family has maintained that Sohail was not in the car when the accident happened. His driver Dhananjay Pimple had surrendered to the Police and was released on bail eventually.

Khan also added, “It`s sad but I wonder why such accidents, where celebrities are involved, are given prominence each time? Everyone should be treated equally and you have to deal with every case according to the law. Your job as part of the media, is to report, not give opinions. I haven`t once commented on Salman`s case. I have full faith in the law and I know it will take its own course.”