Soha’s love interest Kunal seems ‘strange choice’ for Sharmila!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Even though Saif Ali Khan is frantically trying to uplift the sagging Box Office fortunes of his kid sister Soha Ali Khan’s beau Kunal Khemu by producing a film for him, mother Sharmila Tagore is completely oblivious of her darling daughter’s love life!

Apparently, Sharmila didn’t even know about Soha’s relationship status until the latter spoke to her.

Talking to a daily on how she disclosed her love life to Sharmila, Soha said, “Actually, amma didn`t really know who Kunal Khemu was! She hadn`t seen his work or his films. But she had once come to the sets of ‘99’ (in which Soha starred with Kunal). At that time, we were shooting a scene where Kunal was only in a pink-coloured bath robe. So, when I told her about me and Kunal, she asked `Who is Kunal Khemu?` Then I explained, `Amma, remember the guy in that pink bath robe that day? It`s him.` She said, `Umm... okay! Strange choice!`”

“So she didn`t really know him, but she`s got to know him and his work now, over the past one-and-a-half years, and the two get along really well now,” chipped in the actress.

When enquired her father’s reaction to her dating Kunal, Soha added, “Oh no no. He knows that I am a grown up and feels that it`s me who has to live with the person I marry, so as long as I am happy, he`s fine. Dad`s very supportive and loving, but he doesn`t really get involved in my personal life beyond a point. You know, you expect your mom to be the bridge between you and your dad. In college days, I remember, dad would talk to me about `How are money matters? Whether I was okay with the money I have or I want more? And also whether my studies are going well? With mom I used to discuss more personal matters.”

Talking of private life, both Soha and Saif have been honest about their relationships. “No, it`s just that we feel there`s nothing secretive about being in a relationship with someone. Even our parents were very open and vocal about their relationship. That too in an era when a Hindu and a Muslim being together was such a taboo. So I guess, we`ve learnt it from them,” finally said the actress before signing off.