Son made marriage stronger: Hilary Duff

Updated: Jun 06, 2012, 14:04 PM IST

London: Singer Hilary Duff says her 10-week-old son Luca Cruz has made her marriage with ex-NHL player Mike Comrie stronger.

"It`s made (our marriage) stronger. Having a baby is a lot of hard work and you really depend on each other for a lot," quoted the 24-year-old as saying.

"There is so much love... you can`t imagine it until it happens to you and you look at your husband and you`re like `we did this together`. There is so much purpose now, there was before but it is just on a whole other level there is so much joy and excitement every single day," she added.

Unlike others, Duff is not in favour of selling images for a hefty sum.

"I understand why people sell photos and hopefully give the money to charities, we got those offers too and I just didn`t want to do that. This is our child and we really wanted to start off protecting him," she added.