Sonakshi’s mother peeved with reports maligning her daughter’s image

Updated: May 09, 2011, 13:51 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: New kid on the block Sonakshi Sinha might be just one film old but has been in news for both right and wrong reasons. The hottie, who made her grand debut opposite Salman Khan in 2010 blockbuster ‘Dabangg’ has grabbed a lot of eyes balls both for her simmering looks and her alleged fights with her contemporaries.

Almost every day, news of Sonakshi taking a dig at her competitors and senior actresses have been doing rounds. And her mother Poonam Sinha is hugely miffed with such wrong reports in circulation.

Talking to a daily, mummy Sinha said, "Whether it`s Katrina, Zarine or Anushka, they`re good girls from cultured families. I feel it`s the people around them who are creating trouble. Perhaps, some of them can`t bear the thought of our daughter becoming so popular with just one film. There`s space enough for everyone. I`m asking everyone to let Sonakshi be. It has become very difficult for her to work in this suffocating an atmosphere."

Reportedly, Sonakshi had issues with her mentor Salman’s ex-ladylove Katrina Kaif over the endorsement of a brand.

Poonam while clearing the air said, "We don`t know where these stories are coming from. But this is not our daughter. We read she has a problem with Katrina Kaif. Katrina had endorsed the product that Sonakshi has lately started endorsing. The fact is Katrina stopped endorsing that product 10 years ago. So where is the question of any stress over it? When the stories began to sprout, Sonakshi even sent Katrina a message explaining that there was no ill-will. However, Katrina never replied."

Not only her family, even close friends of junior Shotgun are deeply concerned. Narrating why SS has cut short on socializing, a friend said, “Every other day, there`s a story about Sonakshi having a problem with an actress. Sonakshi is bothered because her parents are disturbed by such reports. She has decided to restrict her social activities to a bare minimum." said Poonam.

However, Sonakshi has nothing to do but laugh it out louder. She said, "Every morning I wake up wondering who is going to be the next person I am supposed to be fighting with. It`s better to just focus on work."

Well…All these spices come as a part of stardom…Sonakshi!