Sonam Kapoor promotes film `Little Big People` at Mumbai Film Fest

New Delhi: Bollywood fashionista Sonam Kapoor was spotted promoting Khalid Mohamed`s documentary ` Little Big People` at the 15th Mumbai Film Festival.

Speaking on the occasion, the 28-year-old actress said that she was happy to attend the event for the amazing little documentary.

"First of all I am very excited to be at this festival, it`s a great way to promote

beautiful Mumbai and beautiful industry and new film makers and different filmmakers and different films. I read a beautiful article today where many directors said different things about many actors but I have to say that I encourage this festival," she said.

"Besides all of that I am very happy to be here for this amazing little documentary which Khalid uncle has put together with these beautiful kids and I have had the opportunity of seeing some of it and hearing a lot about it from Khalid uncle from a while now so I am very excited," Kapoor said.

Meanwhile, Mohamed`s documentary focuses on a cross-section of children in Mumbai whose stories have a universal resonance.

The documentary, which was shot for over an year on the streets, in alleyways and shanty dwellings, presenting an overview of the optimistic spirit of the city`s children and also showcases the talent of eight children.