Sonam refuses to kiss Shahid on the sets of ‘Mausam’

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Vivacious Sonam Kapoor is not someone who’ll take the ‘kiss-route’ to stardom even if asked to lock lips with the Bollywood hunk Shahid Kappor. Buzz has it that the lass flatly refused to kiss Shahid for a scene in ‘Mausam’ at the last minute during the Scotland schedule, making things complex for the film’s director and Shahid’s dad Pankaj Kapoor.

It took her completely by surprise when she was asked to do a liplock with Shahid, as there had been no talk of any kissing scene when she signed the film. Sonam was never informed of any smooching act to be done with her ‘Mausam’ co-star while she was being narrated the script.

Speaking to a news daily, a source from the unit said, "Sonam was taken aback when the director (and co-star Shahid`s dad Pankaj) told her about it. She flatly refused."

It was reported that the situation went really out of hand and a high drama was created on the sets with Pankaj frantically calling Sonam`s dad Anil in desperation to save the situation. But, Sonam looked in no mood to budge off her stand.

Interestingly, the source further added, "It was at Shahid`s behest that a kissing scene was created. He put forth the idea to his father who complied with his request. Shahid feels that like Aamir Khan he, too, should kiss all his heroines. He felt it would add more passion to the scene."

However, Sonam siad, "There was no kissing scene in Mausam. It`s complete fabrication that I refused to do such a scene."

But, the source says, "When Sonam realised that it was her hero`s demand, she became even more adamant about not doing the kiss and was in no mood to listen to anyone on the subject."

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