Sonam wants to play Santa to Ranbir, Imran?

Mumbai: Sonam Kapoor is set to get into the garb of Santa for a new TV show, but if given a choice, she would like to play Santa to Bollywood boys.

At the launch of UTV Stars` latest show "Superstar Santa", Sonam was asked if she was to play Santa to two people in Bollywood, who would they be?

The tall and slim beauty gave a confusing reply, saying: "You know in earlier days, two actors had no issues working with each other. Like for example, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have worked together and even Salman and Aamir Khan.

"But these days that never happens! We never get to see competing actors together. Ranbir and Imran coming together will be perfect. But it just doesn`t happen," she said.

Perhaps Sonam wants to be a Santa to bring the two actors together on screen! For now, she is gearing up for the show, in which she will help common people in solving their personal woes.

The show will feature one celebrity each week, and they will solve issues relating to friends, families and even romantic relationships.

Commenting on her association with the show, Sonam said: "Life is too short, if you fret and be upset, you will regret. So be the bigger one and nip the problem in the bud; smile, love and be happy."

The show is being produced by Red Chillies Idiot Box. It will go on air Jan 1.


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