Spare clicking Preity Zinta in the lavatory at least!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Preity Zinta is wary of those fans, who do not spare the dimpled beauty even in the restroom. There are many instances of frenzied fans stalking their favourite celebrities in the most inappropriate situations for an autograph or picture but catching a superstar in loo is not only unpleasant but extremely horrendous.

But in India, film personalities are like demi-gods and admirers cannot help being overwhelmed on seeing their star and they chase them even to the toilet.

Preity Zinta, recently expressed her feelings against such horrible experiences on Twitter. “Honest confession: I really do love my fans but I don`t understand why women have to jump on you with cameras in public toilets! Grrrrrrrrr!”

Not a while ago, even Freida Pinto was caught off-guard when she was clicked while getting out of a portable toilet during her film shoot. Loving your hero or heroine is fine but accompanying them to the loo and invading their privacy is so embarrassing! There are lines and loo-doors that should not be crossed. No, Preity?


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