Spend time with us, says Rihanna`s family

Los Angeles: Pop star Rihanna`s family wants her to take a break and spend time with them in Barbados.

"Ri tells us she is homesick and misses Barbados and the family a lot. I wish she`d come home and live here for a while," her brother Rorrey told dailystar.co.uk.

"She`s exhausted and sometimes works 13 hours a day. She started partying at 14 years old, going to clubs and drinking. It`s the Caribbean island life. Everyone just has fun, you know what I mean.

"Ri loves to party and I`m the same. But if she looks depressed it`s because of how hard she`s been working and she needs to come home," he added.

It looks like their wish could be a long way off from coming true now that the 24-year-old is house-hunting in Britain, where she plans to spend the summer while filming a new fashion reality show.