SRK adviced to belly dance with Turkish beauties

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Super energetic Shah Rukh Khan’s dance performances are a feast for all eyes. All his films boast of stunning dance sequences, which have all been huge hits.

But now, the actor has been adviced to belly dance to maintain his carefully nurtured abs - which got him brownie points and a hit in the form of ‘Om Shanti Om’. According to latest news, SRK is all set to dance with some lovely Turkish dancers to remain fit and maintain his muscles.

“Off to gym then a swim & for the abs have been suggested a belly dance with some Turkish dancers. Stars have such a tough exercise regimen,” wrote Shah Rukh on Twitter.

Shah Rukh had given a preview of his belly dancing skills during the IPL awards recently as he gyrated along with Yuvraj Singh and Adam Gilchrist on stage. So, guess the sexy dance won’t be a problem for King Khan.

And to top it all, he will have some sensuous Turkish women for company. What more can SRK ask for!