SRK defends himself, says was not drunk

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Giving an explanation as to why he lost his cool Wednesday night at the Wankhede stadium, Shah Rukh Khan spoke to the media for the first time after the actor got into scuffle with the MCA officials.

SRK said, “Instead of me apologizing, the MCA should apologize to me.” Accusing the officials of being high handed, the actor said that his children were manhandled at the stadium and that was the sole reason why he reacted in the way that is being reported on TV.

SRK said, “I wouldn’t deny that I was not abusive. But yes, I didn’t say anything to any lady that is being circulated.”

“There were kids who came to see the match and the guards manhandled little girls. When I reacted, they acted very rude. There was a this short man with glasses who was constantly misbehaving. He said something which I feel is absolutely unacceptable in today’s age and time and it was then that I reacted”, said SRK.

The actor said that he was not drunk and further added that when people are around celebs they try to throw their weight around and behave in an obnoxious manner.

Asked about the reported ban on him by the MCA, Khan said, "If this is the kind of behaviour meted out to people then I would not go there. There were people rushing at me aggressively. I think it's unpardonable that you manhandle kids in the name of security."

"I don't know about the ban. I will call (MCA head Vilasrao) Deshmukh. I will write a complaint about their behaviour and the kind of language they used," he added.

Khan conceded he was aggressive during the brawl but did it only on provocation.