Stanley Kubrick`s `Killer`s Kiss` star Irene Kane dies

Los Angeles: Irene Kane, who played the lead in Stanley Kubrick`s second film `Killer`s Kiss`, has died.

The actress died on October 31 of pancreatic cancer at her home in New York City, The Hollywood Reporter said quoting her family.
Kane was her stage name. She later became known for her writing career as Chris Chase that included co-authoring autobiographies of Rosalind Russell, Betty Ford and Alan King.

She also worked for CBS and CNN and wrote a memoir `How to Be a Movie Star, or, A Terrible Beauty Is Born`.

Starting her career as a model, Chase later went on to play "taxi dancer" Gloria Price in Kubrick`s family-financed 1955 film noir.
Chase later wrote about how a 26-year-old Kubrick convinced her to play the girl.

In 1962, she married Michael Chase, the son of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Mary Chase, who wrote the Broadway play Harvey.

Chase is survived by her husband, brother and sister.

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