Sting backs TV campaign to get smokers kick the butt for good

London: Rock legend Sting, who has campaigned to save the rainforest and fought for the rights of jungle tribesmen, has now joined forces with the ‘British Lung Foundation’ and anti-tobacco group, ‘Fresh’, to get his fellow Geordies to quit smoking.

Sting, 60, has given the go-ahead for the words from his hit number ‘Every Breath You Take’, to be used in a hard-hitting TV advert showing the effects of the disease and warning that eight out of 10 people who suffer from it are smokers.

The advert shows a boy reciting Sting’s lyrics as he watches his mother, in a wheelchair, gasping for breath.

“Many people across the UK are affected by lung damage and other smoking-related ­illnesses.

I’m pleased to support a programme which works towards ­giving people the motivation and support to quit,” the Daily Star quoted him as saying. The campaign was sparked by shock statistics, which reveal Sting’s native North East has the country’s worst rates of the deadly smoking-related condition, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which destroys the lungs.


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