‘Sufferer’ Combs says he knows why insomnia turned MJ ‘crazy’

London: Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs says he completely understands why Michael Jackson turned to anaesthetics in a bid to battle insomnia - because he suffers from the sleeping disorder himself.

The King of Pop died last year, following an overdose of Propofol, a drug that helps surgery patients to sleep.

"Anybody who`s ever had insomnia, you`re not thinking he (Jackson) was crazy. You understand that when you`re not able to close your eyelids, you`re on the brink of losing your mind,” The Daily Star quoted Combs, as saying.

The rapper added: "If I got more sleep, I`d be a better person, a healthier person. I`d be able to see a bit clearer. It`s a problem and I`m looking to get help."



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