Superstar Akshay hasn’t changed for school friends!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Akshay Kumar is enjoying the season of mangoes to the fullest, for he has a friend who is into producing the king of fruits.

Ravi Karle, from Deograh in Maharashtra, is a farmer by profession who went to the same school as the ‘Tees Maar Khan’ star. They studied together at Don Bosco School, Matunga. The two have known each other for almost for four decades now and Akshay being a big Bollywood star has immaculately continued as a friend to Ravi despite the stardom which often to gets to many peoples head.

Ravi`s mother used to teach Akshay Marathi in school and the credit to his fluency is the language goes to her.

A source said to a daily, "Few people know that Akshay has kept in touch with his childhood friends over the years. When they meet it`s like time has never passed. On Wednesday night Ravi dropped in to meet him with his mother, wife and family on the sets of `Joker`. He brought five crates of mangoes grown on his farm. When Akshay met Ravi`s mother he got very emotional and started talking to her in Marathi!"

The source also added, "Akshay loves mangoes, but being fitness-conscious doesn`t eat them too much. But when Ravi hand-picked them for him, Akki couldn`t resist. He has already polished off at least half of the mangoes!"

Akshay has been a true friend when it comes to fostering bonds over the long run in life. He has a circle of nine close school friends who keep in touch and each time they meet they share the same old jokes, laugh and pull each others` leg.

"Akshay and Ravi are like Krishna and Sudama. Ravi used to work in Mumbai, but he shifted to Deogarh as city life didn`t suit him and now his farmland boasts of hundreds of acres of fruits and vegetables," the source concluded to the daily.

This goes to show that Akshay has his feet firmly on the ground. Great going Akki!

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