Suresh Oberoi turns spiritual, no more watching films

Bhopal: Well-known film actor Suresh Oberoi is no more watching Hindi films except, of course, that of his son Vivek and spends his time mainly in spiritual activities.

Oberoi, who was here last night for Roza Iftaar ceremony hosted by a local Congress leader Iqtedar said he gave up acting about eight years back and now spends his time in
spiritual activities.

The only films these days which he watches are those of his son Vivek who is now a star in his own right in Bollywood.

Suresh said that these days when his wife wants to see a film, he just gives his car to her and she goes to watch it with son Vivek.

When asked whether would he like to join politics, he said that he would never be accepted in politics as people in it do not like to speak truth or talk straight.

"I am sure that a person of my type and nature will never be accepted in politics," he observed.

Recalling his long film career, Suresh said he was happy to have worked in ‘Ek Baar Phir’ which was released way back in 1980 and was a big hit which was a surprise since its three main stars including him at that time were all newcomers.

He said that he considered himself to be a very lucky actor as he got a number of challenging roles and starred opposite leading actors including Dilip Kumar against whom he featured in B R Chopra`s ‘Mazdoor’ though the film turned out
to be a flop.

Talking about flops, the former actor felt that there was nothing one could do about it.

"All actors from Dilip Kumar to Shah Rukh Khan have given flops from time to time and there was nothing that can be done about it`, he said.

About his challenging roles, Suresh said that he considered his role in Vidhu Vinod Chopra`s ‘Parinda’ to be very challenging as he portrayed a negative character in it.

"I am happy that people still remember me for my role in `Parinda`," he said.