Susan Boyle moving back to her childhood home

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2011, 12:17 PM IST

London: Scottish singer Susan Boyle has decided to leave her newly-purchased luxury estate and move back to her childhood home.

"She wants to return because she is part of the community which she has missed. Susan is a people person and does not like being on her own. She misses the day-to-day contact that she used to enjoy with neighbours and friends," a source told the Sunday Daily.

Boyle left the house where she grew up in West Lothian, Scotland, and moved into a five-bedroom estate nearby last year. But she has now decided to return, reports

"Her new home is very luxurious and I know that she loves it to bits but it`s not the same. She is still the same old Susan who will stop to talk to you in the street and thinks nothing of jumping on a bus to go shopping. She has not told us about this but it may be that she has decided to move back," the source added.