Susan Boyle’s ‘quite happy’ despite strict allowance

London: Susan Boyle has revealed that she is ‘happy’ living under strict allowance, as she thinks she would have squandered her fortune if she had credit cards.

The Scottish spinster became famous after ‘Britain``s Got Talent’ last year and has since sold more than 8.5 million copies of her debut album, ‘I Dreamed A Dream’.

However, despite amassing more than 10 million pounds in her bank account, the 49-year-old survives on a 300-pound weekly allowance handed to her by her management team.

"I`m quite happy with that amount. I chose it for myself. It`s a good way of doing things. It keeps everything in order. I get what I need when I want it,” the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

"I don`t want a credit card, oh no! I`d be like a baby in a sweet shop. I`m happy the way I am. I`ve never been a big spender anyway.

“It`s nice, all the luxury. But it`s nicer to stay grounded. I need my roots. If you don`t have that, you lose your sense of balance, you see, " she added.


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