Taylor, Jackson, Brando drove across US after 9/11, eating KFC along way

Last Updated: May 05, 2011, 16:19 PM IST

London: Late stars Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson and Marlon Brando are said to have driven across the US in a rental car after the 9/11 attack, eating Kentucky Fried Chicken along the way.

According to a magazine, the unlikely threesome began driving across America in a rental car after planes were grounded in the aftermath of the terror attacks on New York on September 11, 2001.

Brando, whose weight by this stage in his life had ballooned, was said to have irritated the other two by stopping at almost every Kentucky Fried Chicken and Burger King restaurant en route.

“Brando allegedly annoyed his travelling companions by insisting on stopping at nearly every KFC and Burger King they passed along the highway,” a website quoted the magazine.

“One can only imagine the shock their appearance caused at gas stations and rest stops across America,” he stated.

A former member of Jackson’s staff revealed that the three friends travelled a total of 535 miles.

“They actually got as far as Ohio – all three of them, in a car they drove themselves,” he said.

At the time of the trip, ‘The Godfather’ star Brando was 77, Dame Elizabeth 69, and Jackson 43.

The trip is said to have come about after Jackson invited the other two to New York for his concerts on September 7 and September 10 at Madison Square Gardens.

However, in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist atrocity in which Al Qaeda flew two planes into the World Trade Center, flights in the US were grounded, so the trio resorted to the road for their return to the west coast.