Taylor Momsen admits she’s a workaholic

Washington: Taylor Momsen has admitted that she is a ‘workaholic’ and it’s her love for music that keeps her going.

“I’m working 24 hours a day and that’s probably the one thing people don’t know about me, that I’m a workaholic and I can’t stop. But I love what I do so it’s always fun," she said.

The singer-and-actress, 17, of ‘Pretty Reckless`` fame admits she doesn’t want to be a role model for young people in any way other than to inspire them to work hard and achieve their ambitions.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I don’t want to consider myself to be a role model, that’s too much pressure for anyone to take on. I didn’t get into this industry to become a role model.

"I got into it very young and because I love music I still have that drive. I’m not happy if I’m not making music, it’s a simple as that. It’s a need. So if I inspire people who need to do what I do and want to have the same drive to work really hard then that’s great but don’t try to be me, be yourself. That’s the only foundation in this industry because it’s so critical and difficult,” she added.