Taylor Swift`s friends and family play critic

London: Country sweetheart Taylor Swift makes it a point to play her newly recorded songs to her family and friends as they are brutally honest and "not afraid" of hurting her feelings.

The `Love Story` hitmaker is basking in the success of her latest album, `Speak Now` which sold more than one million copies in its first week of release in the US, Contactmusic reported.

The 20-year-old singer latest offering was subject to the opinion of her closest pals and relatives before she decided on the final track list, as she really gives value to their criticism.

"I keep my family very close to me and they are very honest with me. They`re not afraid of hurting my feelings. I encourage my friends to be honest with me too. I usually play them songs in the early phases and if I can gauge a negative reaction, I can either work on it or just write a different song," said Swift.

"You`re vulnerable after playing a song to someone for the first time because if they say they don`t like it, it can change your opinion of it," she added.


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