Taylor Swift slams `jealous` exes

Updated: Oct 22, 2012, 18:31 PM IST

Washington: Taylor Swift has revealed that her earlier relationships came to an end because her ex boyfriends couldn’t handle the fact that she is more successful than them.

The 22-year-old singer believes that her ex boyfriends were too “competitive”.

“I’ve found that men I’ve dated who are in the same business can be really competitive. I’ve found a great group of girlfriends in the same business that aren’t competitive, but a few times guys have started comparing careers and it has been... challenging,” Contactmusic quoted Swift as telling You magazine.

“The last thing I think about when I fall for someone is what they do for a living as I like to get to know that person, but sometimes guys start acting weirdly towards me, especially if I get good news and they get bad... It’s usually downhill from there,” she said.