‘Terrified’ Katie Price fears plot to kidnap her children

London: Katie Price has admitted that she fears a plot is being hatched to kidnap her children, after a hidden GPS tracker was discovered in her SUV.

The tracking device was found this week after the 33-year-old took her pink Range Rover to a London garage for a routine check.

Terrified, Price admitted that she felt ‘physically sick’ when she came to know about the GPS gadget discovered in her car.

“I felt physically sick when I spoke to my mum and she told me how a mechanic had found a device hidden on the undercarriage of the Range Rover,” the Sun quoted Price as saying.

“It was found on Tuesday morning as I was working on publicity for my new book.”

“The first thing I thought about was my kids and their safety. I needed to be with them.”

It was earlier revealed in February how a senior police officer had informed glamour model Jordan that they had ‘specific intelligence’ to suggest she was in danger.

“The garage had my car on a ramp and spotted this tracker. The car was last serviced on August 16, so I know someone’s been following me or snooping around my property and shoved it on between then and now.”

“Because I had a kidnap threat at the start of the year, it could be related. It meant whoever planted it knew just where I was at all times and could follow me. It’s terrifying.”

“Luckily the device had a security number, so the police are looking into that to see where it was bought and — hopefully — find who’s responsible,” she added.


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