The bald scalp is gift from Bollywood: Yash Chopra

Updated: Sep 27, 2012, 20:27 PM IST

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: If Shah Rukh Khan is known as the baadshah of mush, it wouldn’t be wrong to call Yash Chopra as the God of romance. Bollywood’s grand old man Yash Chopra poured his heart out in a one-on-one with industry’s current icon of love Shah Rukh Khan.

Celebrating his 80th birthday today, the usually camera-shy director Yash Chopra spoke about his early days, his tryst with cinema, the hardships and admirations, what he expected and what eventually his life transformed into and many more stuff in tête-à-tête with SRK.

Yash Chopra was being pursued to share interesting facets of his life with a live audience, and none other than SRK fit just well enough to pull a lively conversation with the man who redefined love in his more than fifty long years in the industry.

Apart from sharing anecdotes and his perception of the changing scenario of filmmaking in Bollywood over the years, the veteran spoke to SRK about his early romantic days which the left the audience in splits.

During the chat, when Yash Chopra said that he started off an assistant director in the industry, SRK brought to light the hidden secret of romances between co-actors on the film’s sets which were closely known by the industry’s assistant directors. Hence, Yash Chopra was requested to share any such stories with the audience who was all ears to take home some filmi gossip.

Yashji shared an interesting episode with late actress Meena Kumari and said, “Meena Kumari was working on ‘Chandi Chowk’ and I was assisting the film. I had an interest in poetry and used to write little snippets. Incidentally even Meena Kumari liked poetry, so we became lovers of poetry.” Even as SRK raised his brow on the term ‘lovers’, Yash warned him to not to take the meaning of ‘lovers’ in literal sense and he just means they became admirers of poetry.

In a jovial mood, Yashji also shared the story of an incident when Meena Kumari once recommended him as a hero in a film to a director. Yashji said that once even he was as good looking as SRK, was full with the fervor of youth and even had his head fully covered with lush hair but jokingly claimed that the bald scalp he currently has was a gift bestowed upon him from Bollywood. He also added that when he was being considered as a hero, he spoke so fast that the film wouldn’t run for even half time!