The dos and don’ts to be followed by LiLo during house arrest!

Washington: Lindsay Lohan will have to follow certain rules when she goes under house arrest next month at her Venice, Calif., townhouse as part of her sentence for her theft conviction.

Though it’s certainly not a jail, a source told People mag that the 24-year-old actress still has a few rules to follow, most of which are standard for home confinement.


• Can leave home only for medical appointments or to go to the probation department, with an advance notice.

• Visitors can come and go without restrictions.

• Unlimited phone and Internet use.


• Going outside the ‘interior premises’ of the home without prior authorization that’ll set off her ankle bracelet.

• Going to work-related events outside the home. (Lohan also can’t perform her community service while confined.)

• Tampering with the ankle bracelet, which would sound an alarm to her monitors.


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