The reason 'Bol Bachchan' thanked Aamir Khan...

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn have turned lucky charm for each other. The duo has given hits after hits and their latest, ‘Bol Bachchan’ is raking in the moolah at the Box Office, both at home and overseas.

But both Rohit and Ajay owe a lot to Aamir Khan, for the success of the film. Wondering why?

Well, that’s because Bollywood’s Mr Perfectionist let them use the DK Bose track from his film ‘Delhi Belly’ in BB for free.

Talking to a media house, a source said, “They (makers of ‘Bol Bachchan’) were told that Aamir holds the rights for the song. When the star was approached, he gave his consent immediately. But when the talk veered towards monetary compensation, he refused to be compensated for it.”

The filmmakers thought the track in question would best suit a sequence featuring Abhishek Bachchan and hence, had approach Khan for it.

“The copyright of the songs are usually held by music companies from which permission is taken before they are used. Otherwise there is a copyright infringement issue. For every song utilised, a royalty has to be given to them. But in Aamir`s case as the rights are with him, the royalty goes to him,” the source added.

Which is why, the film begins with a ‘Thank You’ message to Aamir.