‘The Wanted’ expected Britney Spears to have more personality

Updated: Jun 25, 2012, 18:54 PM IST

London: ‘The Wanted’, who are pretty famous for telling it like it is, have now taken aim at Britney Spears, questioning whether the pop princess has much spark.

The boy band’s member, Tom Parker has said that he expected a star like Spears to have more personality when they met her.

“Britney’s beautiful and a nice girl, but when we met her, I expected her to have more personality,” the Mirror quoted him as telling TOTP magazine, referring to the time when the boys supported Britney in Manchester.

“I feel sorry for her ‘cos she’s had a lot of stress in the last five years, and she’s done so much from a young age. I guess it’s the same with Nathan [from the band].

“He started young and I’m sure in ten years, if we’re still going, he’s going to be like, ‘When is this going to end?’” he added.

In April, the group called The Voice judge Christina Aguilera ``a total b***h``.

Tom was the driving force, continuing: ``She might not be a b***h in real life but to us she was a b***h.