The whole industry knows that Veena is married: Rakhi Sawant

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: The timing couldn’t have been more perfect than this. Few weeks before Veena Mallik is all set to choose her groom on national television, Rakhi Sawant has alleged that the Pakistani actress is already married.

Rakhi, who was herself a participant of ‘Swayamvar’ few years back, lashed out at Veena and said that the actress had been married in Pakistan and was now living in with her boyfriend, Ashmit Patel.

Speaking to DNA, Rakhi said, “I haven’t seen anybody more irresponsible than her. She goes into hiding like a Gaddafi saying she’s unwell. You only go into hiding if you are guilty. She is fooling the whole world. The whole industry knows that she is married and now, she is in a live-in relationship with Ashmit Patel. I haven’t heard of any man wanting to marry a married woman, and who’s living in with another man. I want to know where these contestants (grooms) are coming from.”

When asked how she was so sure about Veena’s marital status, Rakhi replied that she had sources in Paksitan who told her. The motor mouth also stated that Veena hasn’t divorced her husband and therefore marrying again would be wrong.

“You just need to see the reports that have come out in Pakistan. They mention that she got married to a Pakistani man. Regarding her live-in relationship, there is even a more solid proof with me. The legal notice that was sent to a magazine when they published her nude images, the home address that was mentioned there was in fact Ashmit’s home. So, she’s not only living in with Ashmit at the moment, she has also used his address as his home address in court documents,”said Rakhi and added, “And a woman like that is getting married on television.”

Rakhi feels that Veena is completely aware of the publicity stunts. “She goes missing and then calls a press conference to declare that she has been found with a press conference that reads, ‘cocktails to be served’. What is she trying to say with that? That we raise a toast because she’s been found?” questioned Rakhi.

Rakhi is also miffed with the media for comparing Veena to her. At a recent awards function, Rakhi categorically said, “There is only one Rakhi Sawant in India and there can never be another Rakhi Sawant. No one can steal my tag.”

Wonder what Veena has to say about all this. Over to you,Veena.

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