Theron forced to work on weekends

Los Angeles: Oscar winner Charlize Theron says she was made to work on weekends for her upcoming alien movie ‘Prometheus’.

The actress, who was born in South Africa, says she didn`t get any time away from the movie because of director Ridley Scott`s devotion.

"He`d bring me in on days that I wasn`t on the call sheet. I`d be like, `What am I doing here`," a website has quoted Theron as saying.

From the ‘Alien’ franchise, ‘Prometheus’ is a new project of the British director, and set for release May 30.

It marks the director`s first foray into 3D, and features actress Noomi Rapace as a questing archaeologist, Theron as the mission`s icy corporate chaperone, and Michael Fassbender as an android.

Theron has recently adopted a baby and is raising him with help from her mother.