Tom Cruise a joy to be around: Russell Brand

London: Funnyman Russell Brand, who is working with Hollywood star Tom Cruise in ‘Rock Of Ages’ says the actor is a joy to be around.

Cruise even cooked Brand, who turns 37 on Monday a special birthday dinner, reported a website.

"Tom is lovely. He`s like a big charismatic hurricane smashing through your life. It`s lovely to get attention from him, it`s lovely to hang out with him. He`s a beautiful, genuine, kind man. You`d think if someone was the biggest movie star in the world, you wouldn`t be so interested in other people. But he`s very caring. He`s serious but sweet, a joy to be around," Brand said.

"Tom bought me a really nice birthday present, with all of my favourite things. He gave me a nice new yoga mat and cooked me nice food. He bought me all of my favourite foods. I thought, `How does he know all of this stuff?` He was like Father Christmas," he added.