Tom Hardy awe-struck by Madonna

London: `Inception` star Tom Hardy was so starstruck after meeting Madonna on the sets of "Rock n`rolla" that he hid in a car to escape the pop diva.

Director Guy Ritchie, Madonna`s former husband, introduced Hardy to his then-wife while they were filming the 2008 crime thriller. But the British actor admits he was so in awe of the singer that he couldn`t look her in the eye, reported Now magazine.

"She left me starstruck. I did what anyone who can`t deal with the situation does: I went and hid in the Range Rover. I was sort of prepping for the scene in there and someone said hello to me and it was her - she`d somehow managed to get into the back of it!" said Hardy.

"Then we had a conversation, which I`ve completely blacked out because there she was like the Mother Mary in the boot (back) of the Range Rover and I was completely starstruck," he added.

But Hardy insists that there is nothing sexual about his admiration for the `Material Girl`.

"She`s just someone`s mum to me and she looks like a ghost. I didn`t see her as a sexual creature. There was a time when I really would`ve gone there but since (she appeared in) the Justin Timberlake video, leaping over cars and things, I just think, `Enough now`," said Hardy.