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Tom Hooper delayed shooting, waited for Sacha Baron Cohen`s voice recovery

Updated: Dec 31, 2012, 09:14 AM IST

Los Angeles: Director Tom Hooper chose to postpone shooting of musical movie ‘Les Misrables’ when actor Sacha Baron Cohen`s had bad throat.

The director chose not to make Cohen mime his lines and wanted him to sing in his own voice for his character of Thenardier.

"After a month I actually lost my voice. And I said to Hooper, and this is actually a testament to him, `Fine, I`ll just mime it. I`ve got the track of me singing and I`ll just mime it.` And he said `Absolutely not. It has to be sung live`," quoted Cohen as saying.

"And so they shut down the movie. They shut it down for a week during which time I was forbidden from speaking. I was on voice rest," he added.

‘Les Misrables’ stars Anne Hathaway and Russell Crowe in lead roles.