TomKat homeschool their daughter Suri

Updated: Aug 18, 2010, 11:58 AM IST

Melbourne: Hollywood couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes homeschool their daughter Suri.

Holmes admitted that she prefers 4-year-old Suri to get individual attention as she receives her education, despite her parents` busy careers.

"We have quite a schedule, you know? We don`t say, `When I`m working, you don`t work`, or anything like that," the Daily Telegraph quoted her as telling New York magazine.

"Last year he was shooting Knight and Day and I was shooting The Romantics, and we`d just fly to see each other after we wrapped. And we homeschool Suri - she has a teacher who is with her every day. We like the one-on-one education.

"I`m happy that my daughter is strong-willed and determined. You really have to go with what the child is wanting," she added.