Tony Scott`s family denies reports he was suffering from brain cancer

London: Tony Scott’s wife has told police that her husband was healthy and did not have cancer, a day after the director committed suicide by jumping off from Vincent Thomas Bridge in LA.

The ‘Top Gun’ director was reportedly diagnosed with an inoperable brain cancer that allegedly drove him to commit suicide.

According to, Donna told investigators rumours of a return of her husband’s cancer was “absolutely false,” the Daily Mail reported.

The preliminary results of an autopsy did not reveal the presence of cancer -- though more tests are needed.

The revelation, if proven true, will spark speculation as to what could have driven the successful director, whose films have grossed more than 2 billion dollars, to kill himself.

Scott had been in hospital earlier this summer and told friends it was for a hip operation. But they knew he had previously kicked cancer and some believe it had come back.

“He has been suffering from cancer and he had a relapse,” a source told the New York Post.

“He wasn’t depressed, he was a lovely guy. On Sundays everyone went to his house, there would be the guy who worked in his local restaurant sitting by the pool by Michael Caine.”

Another source added: “He did have cancer, and for a while he was cancer free. He didn’t have any money problems or marriage problems.”