Tre Holloway won`t cheat Cheryl, say friends

Los Angeles: Singer Cheryl Cole`s friends trust her new dancer boyfriend Tre Holloway and believe he won`t cheat her unlike ex-husband, footballer Ashley Cole.

The 29-year-old ended her four-year-old marriage with Ashley in 2010, after the latter was found cheating on her with multiple women.

"He`s the type that would want to marry if it`s the right girl. He`ll definitely be faithful and very trustworthy. In my opinion, he`d never cheat," quoted Marissa Sama, Cole`s university friend as saying.

Katherine Vetere, another friend of the singer, said: "He`s family-oriented and commitment guy."

The couple first met during the 2010 show ‘X Factor’ and again met this summer. The two have been inseparable since then.