Truck driver says accident was all LiLo’s fault

Updated: Jun 10, 2012, 12:10 PM IST

Washington: The driver of the truck that Lindsay Lohan crashed her car onto, has come forward to claim that the accident was entirely her fault.

The man in question – who has been identified only as James – said that he had been minding his own business when he felt the impact of Lohan’s Porsche,

When the driver of the semi-truck was asked if he tried to cut her off, he emphatically denied it and claims he has multiple witnesses that saw Lindsay “flying” down the highway.

He said that he couldn’t have cut Lohan off because he was already in the right lane when the accident occurred.

“She came over and hit the back of the truck. Then the car pulled up on the sidewalk,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

He claimed that he can prove it, with the help of eyewitnesses who were at the scene.

“They have a video of this whole incident,” he said.

The truck driver said that he was driving at 40 miles per hour along the Pacific Coast Highway when the ‘Mean Girls’ star hit him.

The star was taken to the Santa Monica UCLA Hospital following the crash but was discharged after a check-up by doctors.

She then reportedly headed straight from hospital to the set of her latest movie ‘Liz and Dick’.

Lohan reportedly requested to have her injuries covered up with make-up so that she could quickly resume her role, refusing to allow producers to cancel the day of filming.